More Halloween Safety Tips

Parents of trick-or-treating kids can get caught up in the fun themselves that they might forget some simple safety tips that could keep us all out of trouble. Having a fun and safe Halloween will make it all worth while! So that you can give your kids some precious Halloween memories that they'll have for life.

  • Trick or treating isn't what it used to be. In most cities it's not safe to let kids walk the streets by themselves. Your best choice is to make sure that an adult is accompanying them. If you can't take them yourself, see if another parent will.

  • Kids will be kids. Explain to them the difference between tricks and vandalism. Throwing eggs at a house may seem funny but they need to know that clean up and damages can ruin Halloween for everyone. If they are caught vandalizing, make them clean up the mess they've made.

  • Make sure to set a time that your kids should be home by and that they know how important it is for them to be home on time or to call if something happens and they are going to be late.

  • Help your young child pick out or make a costume that will be safe. Make sure that it's fire proof or treated with fire retardant. If there is a mask,  make sure that the eye holes are large enough for good peripheral vision.

  • If you are having a party in your house, make sure that you move any breakable pieces of furniture or knick-knacks to another room where they can't get broken. A forgotten vase that hits the floor could ruin the night for you.
  • Make sure that if your child is carrying a prop, such as a butcher knife or a pitchfork, that the tips are smooth and flexible enough so that they don't cause injury if the kid falls. Make sure that costumes won't get in the way when they are walking, which could cause them to trip.
I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween.
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