Pumpkin Carving Videos

I found several great pumpkin carving videos which show in detail how to carve a great pumpkin.
The first pumpkin carving video shows that you don't need to buy fancy carving kits if you don't need them the fork works fine, also personally I would use a smaller thinner knife. Though a carving kit would make the job easier.

The second pumpkin carving video is a cool one and has 3 tips on how to carve your pumpkin easily  and quickly using a very cheap tool (1$) safely and easily even kids can do it. A different way for carving is to place the opening at the bottom instead of on top which is more easy. The video also shows you how to increase the pumpkin life and prevent mold using lemon juice.

This third pumpkin carving  video is a bit quick you will need to pause it a lot and  maybe mute it but it explains how to make carving easier using a poker.

This last pumpkin carving video is my favorite its so well structured and it covers all the stencil carving details. Don't miss this one its the best. Make sure to watch it.

Enjoy and have a happy pumpkin carving time.