Halloween Photography

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You sure would love to take Halloween pictures to remember those great moments. You will want to take pictures especially if you have kids. Most of Halloween pictures are taken at night, this makes it quite tricky. In this post I have a few tips to help you take spectacular photos this Halloween.
Halloween Scenes 
When taking pictures of Halloween lights or lighted decorations, be sure to hold the camera very steady or use a tripod to avoid any movement. For most pictures you will want to turn off the flash. If you are using a digital camera, set the ISO to 200 or 400. For regular  cameras use a high speed film such as ASA 400 . Experiment before Halloween to figure out the best setting for your camera.
People Pictures
Make sure to select the best white balance setting for your camera based on the light source. Make your subjects stand (or sit) so they are illuminated by a light source from  in front,  not  from behind of them.  Back-lit people don't come out very well in pictures. If you do use the flash make sure you are within its effective range, typically between six to twelve feet, depending on your camera.

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Jack O' Lanterns
You will want to capture the glow of the candles from within the pumpkin, but still be able to see the carved outside of the pumpkin itself. The light used to illuminate the outside of the pumpkin and that of the candles inside is actually a delicate balance. To help avoid the light inside the pumpkin from being to faint, we use two or even three candles inside the pumpkin according to it's size. If you use a flash, you'll over light the outside of the pumpkin and drown the light from the candles inside. So you need to turn off your flash, you don't want it.  Take your pictures around dusk, before it becomes completely dark. Be sure to use a fast high quality  film,  ISO 400 or faster is best. Wait until dark, illuminate the outside of the pumpkin with indirect artificial light such as a lamp and light the candle(s) inside the pumpkin.
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